MREC Conference 2013

51st Annual Rural Energy Conference & Agricultural Wiring Workshop

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Date: Feb 27 – March 1, 2013

Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, Bloomington, MN

Conference Brochure

Conference Presentations:

VFDs on Single Phase Irrigation Installations, Dale Bowe, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

Planning New Dairy Facilities: Building for Cow Comfort, Becky Brotzman, UW Madison Vet School Dairyland Initiative

Stray Voltage Testing on Large Dairies, Mark Cook, MCC

Ventilation Loads in Large Dairies, Fred Daniels, Franklin Energy and Rob Juneau, Wisconsin Public Service

Diesel: Managing Energy Use on the Farm, Mark Hannah, Iowa State University Extension & Outreach

LED’s: The Rapidly Changing World of Light, Rodney Heller, Energy Performance Lighting

Dairy Farm Business Success in Turbulent Times, Robert Milligan, Dairy Strategies LLC

Other Resources:

NG Facilities Map Natural Gas for Fleet Vehicles, Joel Hirschboeck, KwikTrip